13 Signs A Woman Is Crushing On Your Husband

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What if I told you that there are ways to tell if a woman is crushing on your husband? Well, there is. And it’s easy to spot once you know what to look for!

Unfaithfulness within partners may not be something substantial at first it might just begin with a little feeling here and there.

Infidelity is one big problem that a lot of marriages face.

And this is because lots of ladies are known to be attracted to married men.

As a married woman, you might have noticed that female friends, acquaintances, or colleagues suddenly draw close attention to your husband.

The reason being that the fact that you’re married to a man doesn’t mean that you’ll be the only one attracted to him in the long run.

And it’s more annoying to know that there is a lady who secretly admires your husband.

She probably has been unnecessarily nice to your husband and she’s getting close to him daily. You should pay rapt attention to the signs.

While you shouldn’t take it as a big deal you should be careful enough to know when it surpasses friendlessness because she might just be on her way to having an affair with him.

In this article, you’ll see the signs that a woman is crushing on your husband, If this something you’re interested in then read this article till the end.

Signs A Woman Is Crushing On Your Husband

1. She Praises Him

When you have a female friend, acquittance, or colleague who constantly praises your husband then this could be a sign that she’s crushing on him.

As much as it may be her way of extending an arm of friendship it shouldn’t be an obsession.

If she always compliments his dress sense, his cologne, the way he talks, or his body carriage then she’s been drawn to him.

She’s been crushing on your husband because of the virtues that he possesses.

2. She Longs To Spend Time With Him

signs a woman is crushing on your husband

No woman should enjoy the companion of a married man more than his wife.

But if a lady always longs to spend time with your husband, then she wants more than friendship from him.

And you should be careful enough to discover if she’s only comfortable spending time with you and your husband or just your husband alone.

If she’s always trying to spend time with your husband alone then she’s trying to set a trap for him to fall in.

3. She Compares Him To Her Partner

No partner is perfect, that’s ideal.

But any woman who constantly compares the things her husband does for her to that which your husband does for you might just be secretly crushing on your husband.

A woman who is truly in love with her husband will always boast about him and not try to bring him down by uncalled comparison.

This comparison only shows that she really adores your husband, and she wishes that she’s the one who is married to him.

If you notice these signs, then you should be mindful of such woman.

4. She Draws The Attention Of Your Husband To Herself

One of the signs of a woman who is secretly crushing on your husband is that she tries to draw his attention to herself.

She’ll always make him notice that she’s putting on new clothes or boast about her new achievements to him.

As much as this isn’t a big deal, a responsible woman should know when to draw the line when it comes to craving the attention of someone else’s husband to herself.

You should be careful enough if you notice these signs in order to avoid stories that touch the heart.

5. She Looks At Him Flirtfully

One obvious sign that a woman is secretly crushing on your husband is that she looks at him flirtfully.

And she isn’t even hiding it.

You can see it in the way she smiles at him and her body language whenever she is around him.

She may even go as far as sending him romantic messages or giving him a call at odd hours of the day.

She’s doing all these to catch the attention of your husband.

You shouldn’t fold your hands and watch things unfold between them.

6. She Touches Him Romantically

You can pick the signs that a woman is crushing on your husband by the way she rushes to hug him or through the slightest handshake or shoulder tap.

When a woman is crushing on your husband, she makes an attempt to always give him the green light by touching him in a romantic manner.

If she always acts touchy around him and finds an excuse to make physical contact with him then she’s definitely up to something.

Although she may appear to be friendly but trust me, you should be very careful because she may be up to something harmful.

7. She Laughs At Everything Your Husband’s Says

signs a woman is crushing on your husband

Whenever she’s around your husband then, he’s automatically a comedian.

She laughs at everything your husband says even when it isn’t funny.

She’s doing all this just to draw his attention and you should be very careful of her moves.

And you may not even find anything funny in what your husband says but there she is looking forward to more of his jokes.

If you observe this, then this is one of the signs that she’s been crushing on your husband.

8. She Creates A Scene Whenever She’s Around Your Husband

A woman who is crushing on your man will turn herself into a drama queen whenever she’s around him.

She may begin to pick a fight with someone because she wants him to interfere in it.

She may even exaggerate her conversation to cause a scene to draw his attention.

You should be careful when a woman is constantly throwing tantrums whenever she’s around your husband.

She might just be crushing on him.

9. She Makes Him Her Confidant

A woman who is crushing on your husband will not talk to you about certain issues but rather prefer to talk to your husband.

She’ll confidently open up to him about her secrets and the deep emotional moments that she’s going through.

She wants him to become a shoulder for her to cry on.

This is an emotional trap to make him get closer to her the more.

Subtle Signs That She Is Crushing On Your Husband

10. She becomes intentionally mean and aggressive towards you, as a matter of fact, she may want to pick up an argument with you at the slightest provocation. This is a sign.

11. She always comes around the house when she knows that your husband is around.

12. She tends to always take his side if you get into any form of disagreement with him. She’ll always stand by him rather than you.

13. Your instincts tell you that she has a thing for your husband. You shouldn’t ignore these signs.

What To Do When You Find Out That A Woman Is Crushing On Your Husband

signs a woman is crushing on your husband

1. You need to understand that it’s normal for a woman to crush on your husband, as a matter of fact, this is a sign that you’re doing a great job on him.

2. After this, gather your evidence to be sure of your speculations.

3. You can then have a sincere conversation with him about what you feel about this.

4. Tell him that you’re not happy with the current happenings and he’s hurting you. With this, conceives him to put an end to every form of interaction that he has with her.

5. Watch to see his reaction, If he makes a move about it then continue with the marriage but if he doesn’t, threaten to take a break from the marriage, with this, he’ll have to make a choice between you and the other lady.


Knowing that another lady is secretly admiring your husband is a feeling that can put you in a tight corner as a married woman.

But don’t worry if they are just friendly and want him to feel good about himself.

Just remember that this could turn into something more if they continue down this path, so if it does get serious then make sure you tell them off immediately!

If you can follow these signs, then be sure to see positive changes in your marriage.

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